Barcelona bans Pre-Euro 1 cars on weekdays. Photo: / Bas Boerman CC BY NC

Barcelona to ban most dirty vehicles from 2019

On 6 March 2017 the Catalan government and Barcelona metropolitan, provincial and city administrations agreed to cut pollutant emission levels from traffic, particularly those of NO2, by 10 per cent within five years and by 30 per cent within 15 years.

Access restrictions will be introduced gradually within a low emission zone. As from January 2019 pre-Euro 1 vans and passenger cars will be banned on weekdays in Barcelona and 39 surrounding municipalities. The same restriction will apply from December 2017 during episodes of poor air quality. Individual municipalities may apply more stringent restrictions according to their needs.

In addition, end-of-life certificates for diesel vehicles built before 2005 and petrol vehicles built before 1996 will entitle owners to three years of free public transport within the metropolitan area, and incentives will be given for the purchase of low-emission vehicles.

The authorities will also investigate the creation of both a congestion charge in the metropolitan area and a surcharge on road fuels in order to finance the reduction in the price of public transport.

Source: AECC Newsletter, March 2017


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