People want more information about climate change and food systems

A recent public survey commissioned by the Global Food Security (GFS) programme, shows that the majority of British adults tend to agree that a key contributor to climate change is our current food system. The participants agreed that we could reduce the impact of climate change significantly if we changed our diets.

According to the study, young adults, aged 18–24, are the group that agrees most with the statement that changes in our diets could reduce the impact of food on climate change. Young adults are most likely to change their diets to vegetarian or vegan, while adults aged 65+ would rather buy more seasonal food than change their entire diets.

British adults are more likely to change their diets in terms of health, cost and convenience rather than ethics or climate change. The participants tend to know less about the relationship between food system and climate change and more about rising temperatures and weather conditions. A majority of the British adults in the study think that more information is needed and that it would help people to make the right choices.

Public attitudes to climate shocks and their interaction with the food system, February 2017



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