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Scrappage scheme paves the way for expanded ULEZ

The Mayor of London has launched a new scrappage scheme totalling £110 million to help prepare for the expansion of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) from 29 August 2023. The ULEZ expansion is predicted to reduce levels of NO2 and PM2.5 from cars by removing the most polluting vehicles. Mayor Khan said the scrappage scheme was designed to offer help to individuals and businesses struggling most with the increased cost of living. He said: “I took the difficult decision to expand the ULEZ because it will save lives, help tackle the climate crisis and reduce congestion. We have made huge progress in central and inner London but there is much more to do in outer London.”

The new scrappage scheme  is targeted at Londoners on low income or benefits, small businesses and charities. It is likely to benefit up to 30,000 car owners, which can get a £2,000 scrapping grant to scrap or replace a vehicle that does not comply with the ULEZ exhaust emissions rules. If the car owner prefers, he can instead receive a reduced grant and up to two annual bus passes. Grants of £5,000 are available for non-compliant vans. Up to £9,500 is available for charities wanting to switch to an electric minibus. Retro-fitting grants are also available.

Source: Evening Standard 30 January 2023



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