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European Commission taken to court over fossil greenwashing

A year ago the ten leading environmental NGO networks in the EU and in Brussels urged the EU to review the Commission’s Taxonomy Complementary Delegated Act, released on 2 February 2022. The Act includes fossil gas and nuclear energy, in stark contrast with science, independent expert advice, existing EU legislation, investor demands and global practice on green bonds. Not only does this mislead consumers and investors, and call into question the extent to which the Commission values scientific evidence, but labelling gas and nuclear energy as green incentivises their further development in the EU and entrenches Europe’s dependence on gas and uranium imports – which can in turn fuel geopolitical turmoil. Greenpeace will now take the European Commission to the European Court of Justice over the inclusion of fossil gas and nuclear energy in the EU’s list of sustainable investments, known as the taxonomy. The move comes after the Commission rejected a formal request made by Greenpeace in September to abandon the greenwashing of fossil gas and nuclear power. On 9 February 2023, the Commission replied, declining Greenpeace’s request to withdraw gas and nuclear from the taxonomy. In April 2023, Greenpeace will file a lawsuit at the European Court of Justice. The Austrian government is also suing the Commission for its greenwashing of fossil gas and nuclear power.

Greenpeace Press release 9 February 2023
Green 10 letter  to the EU Commission:


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