Soot should be included in the FuelEU Maritime Regulation. Photo: © VanderWolf Images /

NGOs want the ice in the Arctic to be white, not black

Black carbon (soot particles) often present in diesel exhaust has an albedo reducing effect when it deposits on snow and ice. Shipping emissions in the Arctic can thus have an impact in areas already heavily affected by global warming caused by green hous gases. Environmental NGOs are stressing the importance of not removing the European Parliament’s proposal to specifically mention the potential inclusion of black carbon emissions in the proposed FuelEU Maritime Regulation.
Sian Prior, lead advisor to the Clean Arctic Alliance has stated that “Cutting any mention of doing so in the future is not only deplorable, it makes a complete mockery of the EU’s own commitments made in its 2021 Arctic Strategy to lead the world on reducing arctic ship pollution,” she said.

Source: ENDS Europe 14 February 2023


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