New NOx deal in Norway

A new NOx Agreement between 15 business organisations and the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment has been set up for the period 2018–2025. It is an extension of previous agreements, dating back to 2008. Companies that join the business organisations’ NOx Fund are entitled to an exemption from paying a tax of NOK 21.59 (€2.3) per kg of NOx emitted. Instead most companies pay a much smaller fee of NOK 4 per kg NOx (€0.43) to the NOx Fund.

The NOx Fund grants support to cost-effective NOx-reducing measures such as the installation and operation of NOx catalysts (SCR) on ships, the shift to gas and electricity in shipping, and energy efficiency in the oil and gas industry. Through the agreement, companies are committing to jointly achieve agreed annual NOx emission reductions – in the new agreement these reductions are getting gradually stricter, reaching 16,000 tonnes per year in 2024–2025.

The NOx Fund:

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