IMO busy making climate action plans. Photo: © PT88 –

IMO moves slowly on shipping climate plan

Countries meeting in early July at the International Maritime Organization’s environment committee (MEPC) managed to agree only on ‘headings’ to be included in a strategy, which itself will be the first step in a broader plan to cut ships’ greenhouse gas emissions. The details of each section are to be decided at a meeting in October, and a draft strategy agreed by 2018. However, the final strategy will not be finalised until 2023.

Shipping is one of the fastest-growing sources of emissions and is projected to account for 17 per cent of global emissions by 2050. But, despite the IMO being first tasked with addressing ship GHG emissions by the Kyoto Protocol some 20 years ago, shipping is the only industry not yet subject to GHG reduction targets.

Source: T&E News, 26 July 2017.


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