And the final number was 831 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. Photo: © Blacklionder –

Global ship emissions calculated

A new study by the Finnish Meteorological Institute provides detailed information on ship emissions by using real-time data on international shipping traffic. It calculated that global ship emissions in 2015 amounted to 831 million tonnes (Mt) of CO2; 21 Mt of NOx; 9.7 Mt of SO2 and 1.5 Mt of PM2.5.

The highest emissions per unit area occurred in the following sea regions: Eastern and Southern China Seas; the sea areas in the south-eastern and southern Asia; the Red Sea; the Mediterranean; the North Atlantic near the European coast; the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea; and along the western coast of North America.

The study also considered emission hotspots, by evaluating the highest emission densities within limited areas, and found the highest emissions (within circles of 10 km) to occur in Singapore, Hong Kong, Antwerp, Shanghai, Los Angeles and Rotterdam.

The study “Global assessment of shipping emissions in 2015 on a high spatial and temporal resolution” by L. Johansson et al., was published in Atmospheric Environment in August 2017.


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