Use the law, beat pollution

Clean air is essential to good health and is a basic human need. EU law has recognised the need for healthy air and given legal protection to it through directives and court judgments.
To help people use the law to campaign for healthy air, Client Earth has released a handbook  – “The Clean Air Handbook: A practical guide to EU air quality law” – that provides a straightforward, easy-to-use guide to EU air quality law. 
Whether you are a concerned citizen trying to find out what levels of pollution are like in your neighbourhood, an experienced non-governmental organisation (NGO) campaigner trying to influence an air quality plan for a heavily polluted city, or a lawyer trying to bring a case concerning air quality, this guide will give you an overview of the relevant aspects of EU law, together with some practical tips on how they can be used effectively.
Source: Client Earth 28 May 2014

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