Lorry fuel-efficiency standard needed

On 21 May, the European Commission published a CO2 strategy for heavy-duty vehicles (trucks, buses and coaches). Between 1990 and 2010, emissions of CO2 from these vehicles grew by 36 per cent and now represent 6 per cent of total EU emissions. To deal with these rising emissions, the Commission has proposed, as a first step, a tool to measure, certify and report CO2 emissions, hoping that increased transparency may accelerate improvements.
Transport & Environment (T&E) welcomes the strategy, but urges swift, concrete action, including the rapid introduction of fuel economy standards. William Todts, senior policy officer at T&E, said: “Lorry fuel efficiency has remained stagnant for 30 years, but while the US has quickly set standards for American trucks to improve their fuel economy, Europe is just treading water. Fuel economy standards will slash fuel bills, reduce oil and diesel imports and cut climate-changing emissions.”
Source: European Commission and T&E press releases 21 May 2014.

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