Photo: © Shutterstock – Dmitry Natashin

Support for a Mediterranean Emission Control Area growing

Italy has declared its support for controlling ship emissions in the Mediterranean, the country’s Minister of Environment Sergio Costa declared at a recent G7 summit held in Metz, France. At the summit, France and Italy agreed to push for a full Emission Control Area (ECA) covering the entire Mediterranean Sea, to limit ships’ emissions of both sulphur and nitrogen oxides (see AN 1/19, pp. 4–7). Previously, Barcelona’s municipal council had pledged support for the Mediterranean ECA and was joined by Spain in March.

“This is good news for all people in the Mediterranean as it contains a timeframe and a meaningful event – the Naples Conference in December under the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region of the Mediterranean – within which all countries in the Mediterranean basin will be able to show support for the protection of health of their citizens and the Mediterranean marine environment. The citizens of Italian port cities have contributed to this result highlighting for years the unsustainable impact of shipping emissions in their home towns,” said Anna Gerometta from Italian environmental group Cittadini per l’Aria.

Sources: NABU press release 6 May; Safety4sea 20 March; ShippingWatch 7 May.


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