Italian failures come in many shapes and flavours. Photo: © Shutterstock – Andrew Safonov

Italy goes to EU Court over air pollution

On 7 March, the European Commission decided to refer Italy to the EU Court of Justice for failure to respect limit values for nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and for failing to take appropriate measures to keep exceedance periods as short as possible. The Commission is calling on Italy to cut pollution levels in ten agglomerations covering around 7 million people. The limit values for NO2 set out under Directive 2008/50/EC had to be met in 2010.

This referral follows similar action against France, Germany, and the UK in May 2018, for similar failures to respect limit values for NO2. In May 2018, Italy was also referred to the Court of Justice over persistently high levels of particulate matter (PM10).

Source: EU press release, 7 March 2019. Link:


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