Growing support for a Mediterranean ECA. Illustration: © Shutterstock – Aha-Soft

REMPEC considering a Mediterranean ECA

On 11–13 June, the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC) met in Malta, to address negative effects on human health and ecosystems of maritime activities. The participants – representing among others 19 Mediterranean coastal states and the EU – were generally supportive of the goal to designate the Mediterranean Sea as a SOx Emission Control Area (ECA).

Linked to this topic, the meeting discussed the need for those countries that have not yet ratified MARPOL Annex VI to do so; how to ensure the availability of low-sulphur fuels; the need for fair competition between all the ports in the Mediterranean Sea; and the potential economic impact in some areas heavily depending on maritime traffic.

In addition, at a meeting in Metz, France, on 6 May, the Italian Environment Minister Costa and his French counterpart De Rugy agreed to conduct a joint initiative to get a combined SOx and NOx ECA for the entire Mediterranean Sea.



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