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CO2 standards for trucks

On 13 June 2019, the Council adopted the EU’s first-ever carbon dioxide emission standards for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. Under the new rules, which entered into force on 14 August, manufacturers will be required to cut CO2 emissions from new trucks on average by 15 per cent from 2025 and by 30 per cent from 2030, compared with 2019 levels.

The targets are binding, and manufacturers that do not comply will have to pay a financial penalty. In addition, the availability of reliable data will be ensured through on-board devices which monitor the actual fuel and energy consumption.

Emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, including lorries, buses and coaches, represent around six per cent of total EU CO2 emissions and 27 per cent of total road transport emissions in the EU.

Source: AECC Newsletter, June and August 2019.
Link to EU regulation 2019/1242:


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