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Reducing Transport GHG Emissions – Opportunities and Costs (2009)

Tough long-term fuel economy standards are the key to cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from road vehicles – the largest source in the transport sector.

Published by the International Transport Forum (ITF), Paris, France.


Scientific Synthesis of the Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Marine Biological Diversity (2009)

An update on the impact of acidification on marine ecosystems, saying that ocean acidity could increase by 150 per cent by 2050 as seas absorb about one quarter of the carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere by human activities.

Published in December 2009 by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity of the UN’s environment programme (UNEP).

See: DocumentID=606&ArticleID=6417&l=en

Green Ship Magazine

Released in December 2009, the magazine provides an easy-to-read overview of the Danish Green Ship of the Future projects as well as an in-depth description of each project.

Available at:

AMBIO: Special issue on ozone exposure and impacts on vegetation in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

AMBIO Number 8, December 2009. 65 pp.

Available at:

Progress in the modelling of critical thresholds, impacts to plant species diversity and ecosystem services in Europe (2010)

The CCE Status Report 2009 (130 pp.) shows the links between air pollution, climate change and biodiversity, with special focus on nitrogen deposition and eutrophication.

Published by the Coordination Centre for Effects, the Netherlands. Available at:

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