On-shore power increasing in Europe

Ships connecting to on-shore power at berth (thus avoiding the burning of marine fuel oil) in Europe will likely increase over the next 10 years, according a recent survey by the World Ports Climate Initiative that examined the current situation and future plans in 53 ports. Around one-third of them are currently offering shoreside power, and 85 per cent said they are considering either introducing or expanding the technology to more quays within the next 5–10 years.

The main reasons given for ports introducing or planning to introduce the technology were the environmental benefits, reputation/goodwill and benefits for society. Shoreside power reduces key emissions including carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter. It also helps eliminate noise pollution and reduces the fuel consumption.

The goal of the survey is to stimulate the further use of shore power. The results will be used in a new web-based application that will be available through the Port of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Source: Sustainable Shipping News, 26 February 2010.

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