Offshore wind booms

The market for offshore wind turbines is going to grow explosively over the next 15 years in Denmark, and beyond the North Sea area and Europe, according to the OECD in a new analysis, “The Ocean Economy in 2030”. The number of jobs in the sector is expected to rise by a factor of 12 to 435,000 full time employments, and offshore wind over the coming period is expected to grow from one to 8 per cent of the global, sea-based economy. The Swedish company Vattenfall has won the rights to build the largest wind farm in the Nordics, the Danish Kriegers Flak, a 600 MW offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea. The winning tender represents one of the lowest costs per MW hour in the world for any offshore wind power project, coming in at just €49.9/MWh, according to Clean Technica News Service.

Source:, 10 November 2016

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