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Freshwater is also becoming more acidic

Rising CO2 in lakes and reservoirs may harm animals that live in those ecosystems, reports Scientific American. Scientists have known for some time the ocean is acidifying because of climate change. The seas’ absorption of human-generated carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is well documented, along with the harm it is causing ocean creatures such as shellfish. A new paper published in Current Biology presents some of the first evidence that freshwater is also acidifying.

In the study, researchers reported a significant increase in CO2 and a correlating pH decrease of about 0.3 in four reservoirs in Germany over 35 years. They analysed data collected from 1981 to 2015 by the local Ruhr region agency that monitors drinking water, and were able to document the rising carbon dioxide levels over time by factoring in changes in temperature, water density, pH, ion species distribution and total inorganic content.



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