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Climate change and air pollution top environmental concerns in EU

EU citizens consider climate change as one of the most important environmental issues, closely followed by air pollution, according to the results of a new Eurobarometer survey.

Around half of the respondents think air quality has deteriorated in the last ten years, and stricter pollution controls on industrial and energy production activities are considered to be the most effective way to tackle problems of air quality. Nearly half think that the issue of air pollution can best be addressed at the EU level, while a third think that it is better addressed at the national level and 14 per cent favour action at the regional or local level.

The latest Special Eurobarometer survey on “Attitudes of European citizens towards the environment” was carried out in the 28 EU member states in September–October 2017. It follows three previous surveys on the environment carried out in 2007, 2011 and 2014.

Source: European Commission news release 18 December 2017. The survey, and national factsheets in all languages can be found here:


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