A stove where it belongs nowadays – at the Danish National History Museum. Photo: Flickr.com / Thomas Quine CC BY

Copenhagen mayor wants to ban wood-burning stoves

Copenhagen Mayor Frank Jensen wants to reduce air pollution by banning new wood-burning stoves and offering householders a cash incentive to scrap their old stoves and switch to district heating. Jensen would like to see the cash incentive funded by the state, but if it is unwilling to do so, Copenhagen Municipality is seeking permission to set up a local scrappage scheme.

“In a city where we’ve got district heating in every house there’s no need for wood-burning stoves as a heat source. They are only for ‘hygge’ (cosiness) and that kind of ‘hygge’ is something we will have to wean ourselves off,” he said.

There are more than 16,000 wood-burning stoves in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, and one study has estimated that 77 premature deaths in 2014 could be directly attributed to particle emissions from wood-burning stoves.

Source: chppost.dk, 30 August 2018


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