Report suggests sales restrictions. Photo: © Shutterstock – Casey Bollig

No more sales of wet firewood in the UK

Retailers could face restrictions on selling wet wood as a fuel for household heating, under plans announced by the UK government on 17 August to tackle particulate (PM) air pollution, following on from the launch of the government’s Clean Air Strategy this summer.

The burning of wood and coal in the home is said to be the largest single source – contributing 38 per cent – to PM pollution, compared with 16 per cent from industrial combustion and 12 per cent from road transport.

The consultation proposes a series of measures aimed at reducing PM emissions from domestic fuel combustion, including restricting the sale of wet wood for domestic burning, applying sulphur standards and smoke emission limits to all solid fuels and phasing out the sale of traditional house coal. The government has said it will also ensure that “only the cleanest stoves” are available for sale by 2022.

Source: AirQualityNews, 17 August 2018


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