Failure to comply with NO2 limit values. Photo: © Shutterstock – Repina Valeriya

Commission requests Greece, France and Sweden to act on air pollution

According to the European Commission, Greece has failed to ensure compliance with the annual limit value for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in Athens for the period 2010–2014 and to establish an Air Quality Plan identifying the necessary measures that would keep the exceedance period as short as possible. Greece has also failed to put in place adequate sampling points in Thessaloniki to ensure proper monitoring of NO2 concentrations. Moreover, Greece failed to make available a complete air quality report. As Greece has not yet complied with all these obligations, the Commission is sending a letter of formal notice. Greece has two months to reply to the concerns raised, otherwise the Commission may decide to send a reasoned opinion.

The Commission notes that France and Sweden have shortcomings with the enactment of several provisions of the EU’s Air Quality Directive in domestic legislation, including the obligation to take appropriate measures to keep periods of exceedance as short as possible. The Commission is, therefore, sending letters of formal notice, giving France and Sweden two months to reply to the arguments raised by the Commission, otherwise the Commission may decide to send a reasoned opinion.

Source: European Commission’s January infringements package, 24 January 2019


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