New guidance document for nitrogen management

A new guidance document “Nitrogen Opportunities for Agriculture, Food & Environment”, officially adopted by the Air Convention, was published in November 2022. In contrast to previous documents prepared by the Taskforce on Reactive Nitrogen, which have only focused on ammonia, the intention here is to take a comprehensive approach to nitrogen losses. In addition to ammonia emissions, this has meant considering emissions of nitrogen oxides and nitrous oxide into the air, as well as nitrate and other reactive nitrogen losses to water.

The Nitrogen Guidance Document focuses on agriculture in the context of the food system and environment. It identifies the principles of integrated sustainable nitrogen management, followed by measures to reduce nitrogen losses from livestock housing and manure storage, including measures to promote nutrient recovery. It then identifies measures to reduce nitrogen losses from organic and inorganic fertilisers, and measures that focus on landscape and land-use management, finishing by considering coherent “measures packages”.

Nitrogen Opportunities for Agriculture, Food & Environment. UNECE Guidance Document on Integrated Sustainable Nitrogen Management. November 2022.


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