Euro 6 for new cars

On 1 September 2014 the Euro 6 standards for new passenger cars entered into force. They include stricter emission limits, such as a new NOx standard for diesel cars at 80 mg/km, down from the Euro 5 limit of 180 mg/km (for petrol cars, the standard is set at 60 mg/km), as well as the introduction of a particle number standard for gasoline direct-injection vehicles, and flex-fuel vehicle low-temperature emission testing for biofuel.
They do not include real-driving emissions requirements, which are expected to come into force on 1 September 2017. On that date, the particle number standard for gasoline direct-injection vehicles will also be tightened to the same level as that for diesel cars.  The Euro 6 requirements for light commercial vehicles will follow in one year, from 1 September 2015.

Source: AECC Newsletter September-October 2014.

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