Ecolabelled biofuels in Sweden

Ecolabelled biofuels make it easier for consumers to choose fuels that have less impact on the environment, says the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC). Bra Miljöval is the ecolabel of SSNC. It is referred to as “Good Environmental Choice” in English. SSNC started ecolabelling in 1988, initially for laundry detergents and paper. Today, the ecolabel covers 11 categories of products.

SSNC began ecolabelling electricity supply contracts at the start of 1996. Both the availability of and demand for ecolabelled services are expanding rapidly in scope and coverage. The same criteria are being used in Norway and Denmark in cooperation with SSNC. In 2007, SSNC launched criteria for district heating and got their first licensee in March 2008. The labelling of electricity and district heating is part of the overall energy project of SSNC. The ecolabel is one of SSNC’s tools for pushing development towards a more sustainable energy system.

The SSNC criteria include reduced climate emissions, more sustainable forestry, less harmful chemicals and less heavy metals left in residual ash. Biofuel is a relatively new product category within Good Environmental Choice. Purchasing ecolabelled biofuel raises the demand for sustainably produced biofuels and challenges manufacturers to adapt their production. The criteria for ecolabelled biofuels can be found at the following links: default/files/dokument-media/criteria_biofuel_2016.pdf node/12484

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