Call for Arctic ban on heavy fuel oil

Members of the European Parliament have called for an international ban on the use and carriage of heavy fuel oil on vessels operating in the Arctic, like that which is to apply to the Antarctic from August 2011, and ask the EU to impose a strict regime limiting soot emissions and the use of heavy fuel oil by vessels calling at EU ports prior to voyages through Arctic waters.

Source: European Parliament, 20 January 2011.

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Negotiating forests in the Climate Convention

Among the plethora of acronyms flooding global climate negotiations, LULUCF is one of the most frequently used. Interpreted Land-Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry it has been a controversial issue in the negotiations for the Kyoto Protocol and its implementation since the beginning. The battle is still raging in an almost impenetrable fog of calculation methods, reference levels, caps and exceptions and with devils in virtually every detail.

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