New patient information on air quality and heart and lung health

A series of information leaflets aimed at providing individuals, health professionals and heart, lung and asthma patient groups with the latest science-based guidance on how air pollution affects health is now available. Produced by the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) and the ESCAPE project, the leaflets aim to inform on new evidence and provide prevention tips for those whose health is most at risk from air pollution.

Greater policy efforts are needed to tackle air pollution. In 2010 alone, air pollution was responsible for 400,000 premature deaths in the EU, with health costs of up to €940 billion.

HEAL hopes the leaflets will help to raise awareness among asthma, heart and other patients, as well as health and medical groups on what they can do to prevent disease, and empower them to become more involved in communicating what needs to be done by decision-makers, as the EU will be debating measures to curb air pollution in the next few months.

The leaflets Air pollution and lung health – for patients with lung disease  and Air pollution and health – for patients with cardiovascular disease can be dowloaded at

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