Climate change up in UN Security Council

China and Russia blocked a proposal to have climate change recognised as an international security threat, when the issue was brought up by Pakistan and the United Kingdom in the UN Security Council on 15 February.

The issue is controversial. Many developing countries argue that it would threaten the principle of common but differentiated responsibility, since the Security Council does not operate according to it.

Invited to the meeting was Tony de Brum, the minister in assistance to the President of the Marshall Islands to speak out on the desperate situation for his nation:

“My country will be destroyed by climate change. It will be removed from the map by rising seas. Because it is happening inch by inch does not make the situation any less desperate, or any less urgent. This is an emergency.”

It was the third time climate change was discussed in the Security Council.

Tony de Brum’s speech

Source: Responding to Climate Change, 18 February 2013

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