Green tax revenue unchanged in 2011

The EU’s revenue from environmental taxes has stagnated for the second year in succession, recent figures from Eurostat indicate. In 2012 environmental taxation contributed €302.7 to treasuries, which is about one euro for every 16 euro of overall taxation. This low share shows that environmental protection does not have a very high priority, according to Eurostat.

The original purpose of energy taxes was to raise money, not to sustain a sound environment, they added. Almost a three quarters of the total was due to taxes on energy –on transport fuel as well as on industrial energy use and heating. These levies were highest in Belgium, Latvia and Slovenia, while the level of taxes on pollution was led by the Netherlands, Estonia and Denmark. The latter brought in €13.3 billion in 2011, which represents only 4.4 per cent of the overall revenue.

Source: Eurostat press release, 29 April 2013

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