Air and the Environment


This book is about a few hundredths of a percent of the air we breathe – for that is the total extent of what we call air pollution. Even so, the effects on people and nature are very tangible: the climate is changing, rare species of animals and plants are under threat, lakes are becoming acidified, buildings are eroding, and so on.

The nature of these air pollutants, where they come from, what effects they have, and what can and is being done to tackle the problems, are described and discussed in depth, as well as the fact that it is actually profitable to reduce emissions.

Much space is given to highlighting the important but often overlooked links that exist between problems that are usually considered individually, both with regard to their effects and their causes and remedies.

By Per Elvingson and Christer Ågren. 174 pp. Published in March 2004. Out of print, but available online and in pdf format below.