APC 39

What will it take to phase out greenhouse gas emissions from road traffic in the Nordic-Baltic region by 2030–2035?

A conceivable scenario in which the climate impact of road traffic in the Nordic and Baltic countries is reduced to almost zero by the year 2035.
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APC 38

A vision for zero carbon emissions in the Nordic-Baltic region by about 2030

The Nordic-Baltic region can manage without any CO2 emissions from the electricity, heat and industrial sectors by 2030.
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APC 37

The Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming and Implications for Coral Reefs

The projected water temperature increase will greatly affect the most biodiversity rich ecosystems of the oceans – the tropical coral reefs – which harbor some 25 per cent of all marine species.
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APC 36

Cost-benefit analysis of NOx control for ships in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea

The analyses show that a NOx levy and fund system would be a cost-effective complement to NECAs and it would ensure much needed faster and further emission reductions.
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Clearing the air

A critical guide to the new national emission ceilings directive.
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Future Nordic Diets

Exploring ways for sustainably feeding the Nordics.
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Nordic agriculture air and climate

A baseline and system analysis report, financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
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APC 35

A 1.5 target is needed to save the Baltic Sea

Effects of global temperature increases on the biodiversity of the Baltic Sea
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APC 34

Phasing out fossil gas in Europe

The natural gas industry faces strategic choices. 
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APC 33

Carbon Capture and Storage in Norway, 2nd edition

The Norwegian interest in CCS depends largely on the oil and gas sector.
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