Ellen is the world's largest all-electric ferry. Photo: © Leclanché

The world’s largest electric ferry

On 15 August, the world’s largest all-electric ferry, Ellen, made its maiden voyage connecting the small island of Aerø to the port of Fynshav on Als in Denmark. The route is 22 nautical miles (40 km) long. Ellen is around 60 metres long and 13 metres wide, and can carry 30 vehicles and 200 passengers. The ship is powered by a battery system with an unprecedented capacity of 4.3 MWh, and has the capability to travel at speeds up to 15.5 knots. The operators estimate the electric ferry will annually prevent the release of 2000 tons of CO2, 42 tonnes of NOx, 2.5 tons of PM and 1.4 tons of SO2 into the atmosphere.

Source: forbes.com, 18 August, 2019


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