Weaker machinery pollution rules

The European Parliament’s environment committee voted on 15 September to grant temporary exemptions from more stringent emission limit values proposed by the European Commission last year for mobile cranes, engines for inland waterway vessels, and machines.

The new law aims to cut air pollution from non-road mobile machinery (NRMM), including tractors, lawn mowers and bulldozers. These account for about 15 per cent of all NOx and five per cent of PM emissions in the EU.

The Committee urged member states to take measures to encourage the retrofitting of existing engines with pollution-reducing technology in densely populated urban areas or those areas that fail to comply with EU air quality standards.

Green group T&E welcomed the retrofit addition, but criticised the additional exemptions as well as the Committee’s rejection of amendments that would have required similar retrofits for diesel train engines.

The adopted position will be used in informal negotiations with member states in the EU Council, with the aim of finding an agreement on the new directive.

Source: ENDS Europe Daily, 16 September 2015
Link T&E: www.transportenvironment.org

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