Scientists call to "Halve Nitrogen Waste" from all sources globally by 2030. Photo: © photo one /

Scientists calls for urgent action on nitrogen

In an open letter to UN secretary general António Guterres more than 150 scientists from 35 countries are calling for “urgent action on nitrogen pollution, to tackle the widespread harm it is causing to humans, wildlife and the planet”, and for a halving of nitrogen waste from all sources globally by 2030.

Nitrogen in various forms, such as ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, nitrous oxide and nitrate, is polluting air, soil and water, posing a threat to human health, biodiversity, economies and livelihoods. Nitrogen losses amount to 200 million tonnes a year at cost of USD 200 billion, according to the scientists.

Better management would “prevent millions of premature deaths, help ensure food security, and simultaneously help protect wildlife and the ozone layer”, they say. The letter is accompanied by a report which highlights possible ways of reducing nitrogen pollution.

Source: Ends Europe Daily, 23 Oct 2019
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