Natural ecosystemes all over the world are needed to store carbon.

Places to preserve to avoid climate chaos

The Guardian reports that detailed mapping has pinpointed the carbon-rich forests and peatlands that humanity cannot afford to destroy if climate catastrophe is to be avoided. The vast forests and peatlands of Russia, Canada and the US are vital, as are tropical forests in the Amazon, Congo and south-east Asia. Peat bogs in the UK and mangrove swamps and eucalyptus forests in Australia are also on the list. The scientists identified 139 billion tonnes (GT) of carbon in trees, plants and soils as “irrecoverable”, meaning that natural regeneration could not replace its loss by 2050, the date by which the net global carbon emissions must end to avoid the worst impacts of global heating.

Source: Revealed: the places humanity must not destroy to avoid climate chaos, The Guardian, 18 November 2021

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