New pollution standard for motorcycles agreed

Negotiators from the European Parliament and member states agreed in late September on new rules to make motorcycles safer and less polluting. The new rules cover about 30 million vehicles in the “L-category”, including mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, trikes and quad-bikes.

Following the agreement, motorcycles will be required to meet Euro 4 emission standards from 2016 and Euro 5 standards from 2020. (Euro 5 standards have been mandatory for new cars since 2009.) For mopeds, Euro 3 emission standards will apply from 2016, sixteen years after they came into force for cars. The Commission shall carry out a comprehensive environmental impact study by 1 January 2016 to evaluate the air quality and share of pollutants emitted by L-category vehicles.

Source: European Parliament press release, 28 September 2012

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