EU launches alternative fuels strategy

On 24 January the European Commission announced a package of measures to ensure the build-up of alternative fuel stations for transport across the EU with common standards for their design and use. Alternative fuels are, according to the Commission, being held back by three main barriers that together form a vicious circle: the high cost of vehicles, a low level of consumer acceptance, and the lack of recharging and refuelling stations.

It is therefore proposing a package of binding targets on member states for a minimum level of infrastructure for alternative transport fuels such as electricity, hydrogen and natural gas, as well as common EU-wide standards for equipment needed. The Clean Power for Transport Package consists of a Communication on a European alternative fuels strategy, a Directive focusing on infrastructure and standards and an accompanying document describing an action plan for the development of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in shipping.

Source: European Commission press release, 24 January 2013

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