Only a few countries plan eco-shemes to support agroforestry. Photo: © Le Panda /

Eco-schemes must be sharpened to deliver

Eco-schemes is a new support mechanism in the CAP that was sealed in November. In a recent report, three environmental NGOs have assessed proposed eco-shemes from 21 member states. They found that out of the 166 draft eco-schemes evaluated, only 19% are likely to deliver on their stated environmental objectives.

Célia Nyssens, from EEB said:  “To keep 1.5° alive, the new CAP would need to incentivise a large-scale transition to agroecology, the restoration of degraded peatlands used in agriculture, and strong reductions in the number of farmed animals. The eco-schemes represent the largest pot of money the EU has to drive these changes, but as they stand, they will not deliver on any of these priorities.”

EEB press release 1 December 2021,

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