Poster for the campaign. T-shirt says “never bean so happy”.

Dutch men encouraged to eat less meat

The Netherlands Nutrition Center, a government-funded agency, has launched a campaign to encourage men to reduce their meat consumption. The headline is “Er is meer dan vlees”, which translates to “There is more than meat”.

The reason why the campaign is specifically directed towards men is that many Dutch males exceed the nutrition recommendations for meat considerably.

“On average, men can eat at least 400 grams less meat a week,” says Corné van Dooren, sustainable food expert at the agency. For Dutch women it is around 100 grams.  

Men tend to worry about not getting enough proteins, but there is no reason: “These useful substances are also found in egg, nuts and legumes”. And the climate benefits from a shift are great: “the climate footprint of legumes is less than 20 times lower than that of beef”.

The Netherlands Nutrition Center, Press release 21 November 2018


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