Calculate your “nitrogen footprint”

Now there is an online tool that can estimate your individual nitrogen footprint. By entering data on eating habits, energy use and travel patterns, users are given a value that can be compared to the annual national average in the Netherlands, Germany or the United States, which is 24–25 kg in the two European countries and 41 kg in the U.S. In all three countries, more than half the footprint can be related to food.

The scientists behind the project hope the tool will inspire users to reduce their footprint by reducing airplane travel, choosing renewable energy, and eating less meat, particularly beef and thereby sending a strong signal to politicians that the nitrogen problem should be taken seriously. James Galloway, one of the leading scientists behind the project, says he believes that there are readily available solutions and that it is only commitment that is lacking: “By connecting consumers, producers and policymakers, we can solve it.”

The tool can be found at:

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