No. 4, December 2008

Contents: Editorial: Co-benefits from co-control. Climate policies improve health. EU climate package. CO2 from cars. UK commitment. Climate change gathers pace faster than expected. Time for fair climate agreement. Global ship emission standards adopted. Ozone: A growing threat. Downward trend in emissions flattens. Eat less meat!

No. 3, October 2008

Contents: Editorial: Avoiding action. Critical legislation delayed. New scenarios for future emissions. Climate package. Road charging. Air quality. Best Available Techniques threatened. More fuel-efficient cars. Coal industry fighting for survival. No progress to reduce shipping climate impact.

No. 2, June 2008

Contents: Praise where it is due (Editorial). Beneficial to cut pollution from LCPs. TERM 2007. EU climate package. Agreement by IMO to curb shipping emissions. High costs linked to pollution from ships. Tangible climate effects already apparent. Nitrogen a major driver of biodiversity loss. Ozone and premature death.

No. 1, March 2008

Contents: Why not nuclear? (Editorial). EU NEC directive. Climate and energy package. EU air quality law. EU industrial pollution laws. Air quality in Europe. New HDV requirements. Cleaner shipping fuels. IMO moves slowly. German Lignite. LRTAP Convention. Wood burning. Heavy metals.


No. 4, December 2007 Special anniversary section

Contents: After 25 years (Editorial). Most things can be fixed. Still plenty to do. Requirements ramped up. Emissions: Far from target. Impact on nature. Climate issue hotter than ever. In the course of time...

No. 4, December 2007

Contents: Shipping causing 64,000 deaths a year. European Commission takes action on air quality. Increasing climate divide between carmakers. IPCC: “The time for doubt has passed”. Massive emission reductions needed. Cooperation needed for a healthy environment.

No. 3, September 2007

Contents: Multiple benefits of low-carbon policies; IMO; Costs for cleaner fuels at sea; New EU emission scenarios; Tougher EU limits for HDV; Congestion charging; European emissions; CO2 from new cars; biofuels; benefits from combined policies; climate negotiations.

No. 2, June 2007

Contents: Better air quality for free!; Global shipping emissions; IMO; Cost-effective to reduce emissions from ships; New emission ceilings delayed; Additional reductions necessary; Last gphp of the coal industry?; The poorest people will be hardest hit; It is possible to stop global warming.

No. 1, March 2007

Contents: New EU target for climate and renewables; CO2 from cars; Unsustainable increase in transport; Stricter fuel standards proposed; Weak diesel-car standards agreed; New IPCC report; Cleaner maritime fuels discussed; Global energy strategy presented


No. 4, december 2006

Content: Cut ship emissions now!; More clean air per euro at sea; Slow progress on ship emission standards; Air quality agreement; Car industry fails; The cost of inertia; Mistrust in Nairobi; Pilot test for sulphur offsetting; Praise for Commission.

No. 3, october 2006

Content: Abandon defeatism!; Carbon cuts will reduce air pollution; New fuels reduce harmful emissions; Air quality directive watered down; Downward emissions trend flattens; Slow progress in EU emission reductions; Maersk takes the lead; Environmental costs often exaggerated.

No. 2, May 2006

Content: Time to improve health protection; New WHO air quality guidelines; Thematic strategy and air quality directive; Car industry failing on CO2 pledge; Euro 5. IPPC directive; Biofuels; Shipping emissions; Climate change - risks and options; Congestion charging; Green cars; Non-road emission standards.

No. 1, February 2006

Content: Coal-fired power stations top damage league; Health effects from large point sources; New Euro 5 proposal; Voluntary agreements; Congestion charging; Biomass action plan; Compliance to CLRTAP Protocols; GAINS model. Climate effects; Global greenhouse gas emissions. Baltic Sea.


No. 4, November 2005

In this issue: Editorial: Overestimated costs. Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution. New standard for PM2.5. Cities reacting far too late. EU aviation strategy. Biodiversity. Critical loads. Abatement measures at sea. Assignment of shipping emissions. A clean energy future.

No. 3, September 2005

In this issue: Editorial: Get on with it! Euro 5 for cars. Battle over environment. EU GHG emissions. Aviation. Energy efficiency green paper. Climate threat increasingly clear. European emissions. US PM2.5 standards.

No. 2, June 2005

In this issue: Editorial: Clean air - when and how? Sulphur in marine oils. Thematic stategy. Dirty kilowatts. Trading and NAPs. EU climate targets. Kilometre taxes. Global emissions. En-route charges for ships. Cleaner shipping.

No. 1, March 2005

In this issue: Editorial: Sulphur emissions from ships must be cut. Profitable to reduce sulphur in marine fuels. New scenarios for future emissions. CO2 from cars. German lignite policy. Cleaner air gives major benefits.


No. 4, December 2004

In this issue: Editorial: Shipping emissions in the spotlight. Coal-fired stations top emissions league. The "best" plants fired with fossil fuels. Air pollution – lifelong lung deficits. Spain - far from targets. Implementation failures.

No. 3, September 2004

In this issue: Editorial: Happy anniversary! As Pontes - worst in Spain. UK power sector. Sulphur from shipping. Shore-side electricity. Unhealthy air. Fair prices key issue. Renewable energy.

No. 2, May 2004

In this issue: Editorial: Emissions trading. Many countries way off target. Belchatow. Take the next step now. Windpower. Unexpected effects quite possible. Cheaper energy has reduced incentives to save.

No. 1, March 2004

In this issue: Editorial: It should pay, after all. Global shipping emissions. Low sulphur fuels at sea. EU shipping strategy. Economic instruments. Increasing emissions. Ancillary benefits. Millions of species at risk.


No. 4, December 2003

In this issue: Editorial: Need for shake-up. Ending coal use. Clean Air for Europe. Emission ceilings. Very high levels of ozone. Local shipping emissions. Forest damage. New diesel standards. European emissions.

No. 3, September 2003

In this issue: Editorial: Dragging its feet. A warmer world. Marine fuels. Seawater scrubbing. EU emissions trading. CO2 can be halved. Health effects of ozone. Fuel cells. EU kilometre taxes. Aviation.

No 2, May 2003

In this issue: Editorial: Urgent! Ecoships. Sulphur in marine oils. Energy taxes. Windpower. Stricter vehicle standards. Beyond Kyoto. Energy efficiency. Air pollution and climate change. Congestion charging. Bulgaria.

No. 1, February 2003

In this issue: Editorial: Cost-effective to do it at sea. Air pollution from ships: EU strategy proposed. CO2 from cars. EU taxation of transports. Kilometre taxes. Emissions trading. Power production: EU vs US. Kola peninsula.


No. 4, December 2002

In this issue: Editorial: Can they be serious? Differentiated shipping dues. Emissions trading. Costs of pollutants. Public procurement. Energy certification. Particulates and health. Hemispheric pollution. China. Refineries. Aviation.

No. 3, October 2002

In this issue: Editorial: Here's the real key. EU Kyoto targets. IPPC directive. CO2 standards for cars. Shipping emissions increasing. Forest damage. Critical loads. Benefits of LCP compliance. European emissions.

No 2, June 2002

In this issue: Editorial: Get on with it! Sulphur restrictions in bunker fuels. Portugal. Solar energy. Climate change: The quest for equity. Bush's "Clear Skies" plan. Acidification in the UK. China. Global motor vehicle policy.

No. 1, March 2002

In this issue: Editorial: Excuses won't do. Sulphur in road fuels. Renewable energy in the EU. Ammonia. EU biofuels. Renewable energy in Poland. Energy taxes effective. Ships can be worse polluters than trucks. Sulphur emissions.


No. 4, December 2001

In this issue: Editorial: It must be done. CAFE programme. EU transportation trends. EU enlargement. The Kyoto Protocol. Critical loads. Shipping pollution. Air around ports. Recovery from acidification. Forest damage.

No. 3, October 2001

In this issue: Editorial: The quicker the better. NEC and LCP directives. EAP6. Potential for twice the Kyoto reductions. Real cost of electricity generation. Coal subsidies. Diesel exhausts. Black Triangle. VOC protocol.

No 2, June 2001

In this issue: Editorial: Should have learnt. NECs and LCPs. Attention turning to older LCPs. Motorfuels. Particles. Renewables in India and China. Windpower. Climate change worst for the poor. Ammonia. Ecodriving.

No. 1, March 2001

In this issue: Editorial: Not only the environment. COP6. IPCC report. Carbon-cycle feedbacks. Effects from secondary gains. CO2 from ships. Pleasure craft. Small petrol engines. Motorcycles. LCPs. Swiss kilometre taxes. Greece.


No. 4, December 2000

In this issue: Editorial: They should not give way. Too little required of the LCPs. Replacing coal. Ships' emissions. Sulphur-free motor fuels. Auto-Oil II. Ground-level ozone. European forests. Hungary. After twenty years: Special section.

No. 3, October 2000

In this issue: Editorial: Past and future. The 100 worst sulphur emitters. Global sulphur emissions. EU NEC directive. Limits for existing LCPs. Transport trends. Eastern Germany. After twenty years: Special section.

No 2, June 2000

In this issue: Editorial: How long? Emissions charge works well. Green Shipping. North Sea. Non-road machines. US vehicles and fuel standards 2007. Health effects. Efficient energy use and renewables. Gothenburg Protocol. Russia.

No. 1, March 2000

In this issue: Editorial: They´ve got it wrong! To get more at less cost. Effects of multi-effect protocol. CO2 from cars. Heavy vehicles. LCP and NEC directives. Ships' emissions. Review of the UK power sector. CO2 reduction is profitable!


No. 4, December 1999

In this issue: Editorial: What's stopping them? The multi-effect protocol. Europe's forests. Ground-level ozone. UK - making a bid for cleaner air. Polish sulphur emissions declining. Children in cities. EMEP monitoring. Heavy-duty vehicles.

No. 3, October 1999

In this issue: Editorial: Strange behaviour. CLRTAP: New protocol on the way. Emission ceilings directive. Goods transporting. Environmental outlook for 2010. Northeast Asia. Transport and health. Air pollution - a great killer. Eutrophication. Nuclear phase out. NOx from diesels.

No. 2, June 1999

In this issue: Editorial: Piling it on. Acidification: Outlook for the year 2010. Recovery from acidification. Multi-pollutant protocol. The LCP directive. Ozone, emissions control. Czech shake-up. Estonian oil shale. Aviation and climate change. Alleged vs real costs.

No. 1, March 1999

In this issue: Editorial: Why don't they? Towards a protocol. Clean air in Europe. Standards for benzene. Heavy duty vehicles. Dash for gas. Road charging. Fairway and harbour dues. To pay what it costs. Acid exporters identified.


No. 4, December 1998

In this issue: Editorial: Not only new ones! Differentiated motor fuel taxation. Swiss road charging. The proposed LCP directive. Nitrogen and flora. Ammonia from cars. Forest damage. Swirling pollutants. Car sharing.

No. 3, October 1998

In this issue: Editorial: The quicker, the better. Super-NOx protocol. EU burden sharing agreement. Vehicles and fuels. Fuels' sulphur content. Amended LCP directive. Acidified lakes. Environment for Europe. Emissions trading. Eastern Canada.

No. 2, June 1998

In this issue: Editorial: Will it bite? EU ozone strategy. Forests in Europe. Emissions from aircraft. EU IPPC directive. NOx trading in the US. Found to pay. Biogas gains. Environmental policies vs employment.

No. 1, March 1998

In this issue: Editorial: Hitching a ride. Need for an integrated strategy. Effects of EU expansion. New directive excludes existing plants. Standards for heavy vehicles. Mapping of critical loads. Differentiated shipping dues. The Kyoto meeting.


No. 4-5, December 1997

In this issue: Editorial: Stand fast. The cost of EU accession. Cost-effective strategy for Kyoto. New air quality directive. Shipping and acidification. Global warming. Diesel exhaust. Critical loads. Northwestern Russia. Jobs or environment. Spain. European emissions. Still many trees damaged.

No. 3, October 1997

In this issue: Editorial: Can't be left out. CLRTAP: Need to hasten ratification. Fuels and vehicles. Reducing sulphur in fuel oils. Acidification and health. Electricity: Environmentally tagged supplies. Freight moving can also be labelled. Crete. East Asia. Debate: Fair is fair.

No 2, June 1997

In this issue: Editorial: Ozone. New EU standards for air quality. Sulphur in auto fuels. Tighter standards for light vehicles. Cogeneration. Polish emissions. New multi-protocol: Facing problems. Crete: for independence of fossil fuels. Energy use: Save and avoid. Ozone: Disturbing reports.

No. 1, April 1997

In this issue: Editorial: It needn't stop there. Acidification strategy. EU climate commitments. Ozone strategy. Renewables strategy. Solvents directive proposed. Ships' emissions. Protocols held up for lack of ratifications. Tax shift. German East. Revised guidelines from WHO. Road pricing.


No. 5, December 1996

In this issue: Editorial: Stopping too short. Acidification strategy. Benefits from reduction. Air quality framework directive. Auto-Oil package. Green taxes. European forests. European emissions. Sustainable energy system. High-speed trains. Turkish lawyers' appeal.

No. 4, October 1996

In this issue: Editorial: Could have been worse. Auto-Oil package revealed. CO2 from cars. Non-road machinery. Road charging. Ground-level ozone. The cost estimated. Baltic Sea. British sulphur emissions. Cars: Petrol vs diesel driven.

No. 3, June 1996

In this issue: Editorial: Need to act quickly. LCP directve, revision now under way. EU CO2 emissions. New roads no boost to the economy. Great Britain. East Asia. Ozone. Russia: New energy policy evolving. Solar energy.

No 2, April 1996

In this issue: Editorial: Letter from the editor. IMO Convention. Environmental charges on shipping. EU energy white paper. Energy/CO2 tax. Energy efficiency. Emission standards for vehicles. Critical loads. Ammonia. Ormulsion. Allowance trading.

No. 1, February 1996

In this issue: Editorial: Worse than we thought. Europe: The situation laid bare. Car emissions limits. CO2 from cars. Combined transport. External costs of transport. Diesel engines. Climate change. Particles. Progress in abatement of emissions.


No. 5, December 1995

In this issue: Editorial: Coordinated strategy. Transit traffic - reasoning fails to prevail. ECE Convention. Sofia meeting. Forest health. Mobile machinery. Polish environment. Controverdy over "dirtiest fuel".

No. 4, October 1995

In this issue: Editorial: Sulphur in fuel oil. Petrol prices - fourfold increase called for. Air quality standards. Suing a polluter. Fossil fuel problem. Transport policy. Energy crops. Polish progress. Effects of energy tax. Benefits of abatement. Acid Rain.

No. 3, June 1995

In this issue: Editorial: Action should mean it. Air quality - concerns more than health. Cars in cities. Acidification. Emissions trading. Eastern Europe - the need for energy efficiency. Poland - positive trends. Rise and fall of carbon sink.

No. 2, April 1995

In this issue: Editorial: Not very interested. Air quality - new standards in the offing. Trams - reawakend desire. Car fuel consumption. Ground water - at risk at bringing risks. Solar energy in school. Bicycles - coming into favour. Boreal forests may be threatend.

No. 1, February 1995

In this issue: Editorial: Assessing the cost. The "greenest" cars. Pollution on ses. Heat from the sun. Nature conservation - prime areas are threatend. Solar cells. Low-level ozone. More liming. Acidification - salt increases the effect.


No. 5, December 1994

In this issue: Editorial: Take this first. Sunny future seen. The 100 worst emitters. Wind power. Fuels for transport. Household appliances. Allowance trading. Monitoring program.

No. 4, October 1994

In this issue: Editorial: Unique opportunity. Nitrogen Examined. Proposal for toll zones. Turning for Asia. Sulphur. EU and transport. Emissions from LCP., From Shipping. And Aircraft. Fuel oils.

No. 3, June 1994

In this issue: Editorial: Facing up to it. The worst hundred sources. Cat cars. Nitrogen oxides. Acidified waters. Alpine transit. Motorways in East-Central Europe. Nuclear power. Freiburg - a model city.

No. 2, April 1994

In this issue: Editorial: Start right away. Global-warming factories. Norway gives up on Nitrogen. Global warming threat to tropical forests. Economic instruments. China's polluted air. Small particles. Better petrol.

No. 1, February 1994

In this issue: Editorial: Process itself important. The making of a protocol. Allergies related to exhausts. Windpower in Spain. Supercar. Roads delusion. Critical loads. Dirty shipping. Eastern energy.


No. 5, December 1993

In this issue: Editorial: From words to deeds. Forest damage. UK flora. Emissions trading. Motorways opposed. Emissions report. Transatlantic transports. European environment. Profitable polluter. Sulphur - the historical trend.

No. 4, October 1993

In this issue: Editorial: Unusual language, Hinging on coal. Conservation sites. Better than coal East German energy. Black Triangle. Global warming.

No. 3, June 1993

In this issue: Editorial: Aself-interest. For a fossil-free future. DSM for energy conservation. Energy in the Third World. Diesel-fuel classifying approved. Which is best environmentally. Bio-diesel fuel in question. Cold starts and catalyzers. The effect of road freight.

No. 2, April 1993

In this issue: Editorial: Odd bedfellows. Rains to stop rain. Critical loads in Britain. Lichens in urban air. Classing for environment. CLimate change in China. Boreal forests are needed. The air-polluted taiga. Cities climate alliance. Climate action day.

No. 1, February 1993

In this issue: Editorial: First sulphur. Greater than the direct gain. Problems with CO2 from cars. Transport White Paper an illusion. Acid rain hits special sites. Setting thresholds for ozone. The Vienna Conference.


No. 5, December 1992

In this issue: Editorial: Between ourselves. Czechoslovakia - environmental policy reform. New sulphur protocol. California valuating the health benefits of clean air. Corroision of materials. Fuel effiency program. Norway - attck on nitrogen oxides. Flue-gas cleaning- big german gains. UK energy market distorted.

No. 4, October 1992

In this issue: Editorial: On sulpphur in oils. Poland - radical policy reform. Estonia - seemingly at a crossroad. Road traffic - assessing future amissions. Polluting planes top the greenhouse league. Solar heating even for small projects. Fungi also victims of pollution.

No. 3, June 1992

In this issue: Editorial: Wind power - keeping at it. Baltic sea - ecosystem deranged. East and West unanimous on strategy for abatement. Nitrogen in turn for mapping. Emissions curbed at sea. Climate change - chief stumbling block. Boreal forests - international alert.

No. 2, May 1992

In this issue: Editorial: Forests - to avoid a misfire. EC commission for sustaiable mobility. More effort needed against warming. Energy - better ways proposed. Critical loads - getting a forward look. Trading pollution credits.

No. 1, March 1992

In this issue: Editorial: A matter of concern. Road traffic - enough is enough. Easrtern europe - oppurtunities for saving. An ABC of acidification. Critical loads often far exceeded. The problem of ammonia. Shipping - pollutants in fuel oil.


No. 4, December 1991

In this issue: Editorial: At least a start. Air pollution - new protocoll signed. Forest damage goes on. Curbing CO2 from cars. Ups and downs of emissions. Acid even in the north. Sustainable living.

No. 3, October 1991

In this issue: Editorial: Only the best will do. Öresund bridge opposed from two sides. East Germany - what it will cost. Children at risk from road traffic. Czechoslovakia preparing for clean-up. Key role of the West. Critical loads may have to be lowered.

No. 2, June 1991

In this issue: Editorial: International negotiations - let us be there. Sensitive ecosytsems. New standards for diesels. Projecting car emissions. UK - relaxing pollution control. Energy efficiency. Energy taxes. In the run-up to Rio.

No. 1, March 1991

In this issue: Editorial: Encouraging. Upper silesia in need of aid. Air pollution and health. Diesel standards. Climate change - avoiding lasting damage. Lengthy negotioations endanger timely action.


No. 4, December 1990

In this issue: Editorial: Unacceptable kms, Harvest losses revealed, Forest decline continues, New protocol - with aim on ozone, NOx - controlling emissions, Energy - danes to save and gain, Czechoslovakia - country feeling its way, "Black triangle" - aiming at betterment

No. 3, September 1990

In this issue: Editorial: Leadership needed, SWAP report- the inevitable outcome, Reducing nitrogen possibilities and costs, Wildlife - effects of air pollution, Swedish forests - widescale liming, East germany - facing up to realities, Poland - indignation aroused, Poland's coming needs, Kola peninsula - poroposals for aid in celening up

No. 2, March 1990

In this issue: Editorial: The great potential, UK - arguing desulphurization, Energy efficiency - abatement at negative cost, Efficiency to cut pollution, Charges to curb emisisions, Road traffic - UK policy found wanting, Forest damage - report from North America

No. 1, January 1990

In this issue: Editorial: Moving nevertheless, Energy efficiency only way forward, Tracking air pollutants, Ozone into the picture, Road traffic far from paying its way, Dealing with sulphur dioxide, Greenhouse effect measures are still wanting, East germany - environmental groups emerging


No. 4, October 1989

In this issue: Editorial: At the crossroads, City traffic - doing something about it, The competition for freight, Older treas are worse off, Doing without nuclear power, Easterna Europe - to fund or not to fund, UK - sulphur clean-up starting, Aircraft and environment, Friendly at Murmansk

No. 3, July 1989

In this issue: Editorial: Get on with it, Needed reductions - more than we thought, Eastern Europe - advantage in modernizing, Pooled Aid proposed, GDR's brown-coal problem, UK - call of the wild, Curbing diesel exhausts, Drastic recipe fpr Los Angeles smog, Controll needed for ships, International Air Pollution Week

No. 2, May 1989

In this issue: Strategies against Climate Change, Nuclear power no solution, Energy efficiency best, Europe-wide Campaign for Clean Air, Critical loads remain most important factor, Best standards everywhere for less pollution, Changing our lifestyle, Limits set for large combustion plants, Spanish evashion of rules

No. 1, February 1989

In this issue: Editorial: Stop dilly-dallying, ECE forests - accelerating damage seen, Clean cars - will community catch up?, Now a protocol for nitrogen, East Germany may need money from West, The environment to the fore, Arctic nature under threat, UK - Curbing emmissions and the division of costs, Tropics - action urgently needed, US now coming to terms, In new atmosphere exchanges can proliferate


No. 3, October 1988

In this issue: Editorial: Say what you think, Critical loads - figures continuing downwards, No intention to meet critical loads, How much needs to be reduced, Poland opening up to cooperation, Glasnost frees debate, Hugh mercury levels in lakes, The great problem of manure, Call on UN to draw up a law of the atmosphere

No. 2, May 1988

In this issue: The NOx debacle, Poland towards betterment, Britain's woodlands, Tropics - the problem of acidification looms, Large combustors - directive gone astray, Swiss clean air standards exemplary, Spain guilty, Ozone - fears increasing

No. 1, February 1988

In this issue: Scan link - opposition is growing, Topping the polluters list, Environmentalists spell it out, UK - declining trend of emissions reversed, US - danger ignored, Coordniated action 1988, Spanish polluter taken to court


No. 4, December 1987

In this issue: NOx depression over Europe, Nature's tolerance shown by critical loads, Do vehicles cause cancer?, Delaying NOx action, Czechoslovakia - living in a smog, Making the public aware, UK - CEGB claims are hot air, Forestry commiccion wavering

No. 3, October 1987

In this issue: Nuclear power - phasing out no problem, Difficultiesfor NOx protocol, European forests damage, How the nations stand, FRG standards ineffective, Technology transfer, CFC's - reduction means increase?, Forest Alarm Tour 1987, Rubbing the message in

No. 1-2, August 1987

In this issue: Crumbling heritage, Cleaner coal-firing, Reducing NOx emissions, Moving towards a protocol, Irland - smallness is no argument, Motor vehicle maufactures prevaricate while people die, Lower speeds - less pollution, Acid rain aluminium and senile dementia, Car-free day all over Europe


No. 3-4, December 1986

In this issue: Trafficking in pollution, The fatcs are now clear, How it can be done, SO much will nature stand, Europe MPs endorse action, Can supply be maintained?, UK - at least making a start, New summary: Ten million hectares of forest damaged, Useless proposal for diesels, Forest tour of Europe, Engaging the young

No. 2, July 1986

In this issue: WWF - costs unacceptably, The implications of research, Unexpected acid rain damage, UK - streams becoming more acid, New source of acid rain, Gag on reports protested, New environmental group, Bills for acid rain control, Cost-benefits of reductions, Chernobyl and acid rain, Norweigan lake almost as sour as vineagar

No. 1, February 1986

In this issue: International Acid Rain Week, Uniting to save forests, Tourist boycott to go on, Protests against CEGB film, Damage trees in the UK, Attitude still unchanged, West Germany - trend has not been halted, Organizations urge action, Alternative to Missing Links, DDR - socialist state in lignite trap, Virus theory discounted


No. 4, October 1985

In this issue: Nations accept binding agreement, Rising threat of acid pollution, Girls in timely protest, EC limits far too lenient, Tree dieback: new survey, Acidity of rain plotted, Opposing the "link", Acid rain and dementia, Canada tougher on acid rain, US - support seen for controls, Tourist boycott of Britain

No. 3, Summer 1985

In this issue: Children's health endangered, ECE convetnion - Weakness but some promise, Reduce emissions by 75%, Agriculture and acidification, Greens enter poltics, Nuclear power and automobiles, Views differ ib Waldsterben, Poland - active ecological movementUnifying Network created

No. 2, June 1985

In this issue: Acid rain: car drivers warned, Japan leads the way, EEC Decision on Vehicle EMissions Protested, Green/Machine contest, How acid rain destroys lichens, UK - seeing wood for trees, Acid rain goes west, Poland - problems of air pollution, West Germany - Prominent polluter arragned, Netherlands smokestacks occupied

No. 1, March 1985

In this issue: International Acid Rain Week, House of Commons debates acid rain, FRG sets dates for exhaust controls, Luxembourg - deciduous trees most affected, Swiss in trouble too, New US study directly links sulphur dioxide to acid rain, Acid rain in Latin America, Ruhr emergency on account of smogDippers inhibited by acid water


No. 5, December 1984

In this issue: Action increasingly urgent, Acid rain inquiry votes for action, Twelve power stations must be cleaned up, Ireland: Hoping for strong winds, Eastern Europe: Dying treesand yet optimism, Forest damage accelerating, Belgium sits on the fence

No. 4, October 1984

In this issue: Swedish plan of action, Eighteen nations pledge actions on acid rain, Britain: SO2 reductions "in a reasonable time scale", Cathedrals' stonework rotting, Acid Rain Blights UK Trees, Cause and effect exhibited, Finland: Acidification diagnosed, Buschhaus, Novel grounds for asylum

No. 3, May 1984

In this issue: Acid rain and the UK, Joint Nordic demand to the UK: Reduce your sulphur emissions!, 10 Countries sign acid rain pact, Roof builing doesn't help, EEB: An 80% reduction of SO2 emissions necessary!, Acid Rain in the Council of Europe, USA: More research instead of reduced emissions, Nuclear power a threat to the forests?

No. 2, March 1984

In this issue: Activities create attention!, Acid rain damage costs £33 bn a year, Acid rain cuts crop yields, Acidification threatens Southern Hemisphere, Fores death also in France?, Denmark: 30 % reduction in sulphur emissions proposed!, Norwegian proposal for the EEC Convention, The acidification situtation in Belgium

No. 1, January 1984

In this issue: International Acid Rain Week, Action in London, 345 of West German forest land damaged!, Forest death in Sweden, Freudenstadt proclamation for saving the forests, EEC demands change on pollution, Anglers under an acid cloud


No. 5, October 1983

In this issue: Britain is buying time, Acidification in the UK, You must accuse us!, Succesful meeting in London, British action on acidification, Acid Tour for British journalits, Tourist information campaign

No. 4, June 1983

In this issue: UNEP acid rain report, State of the Environment Report: Acid Rain, Compaing European and American lakes, Acid rain kills Welsh fish, Millions on liming, New rules on emission to be introduced in Denmark, US towards a move?, "The governments not tough enough"

No. 3, 1983

In this issue: EC Acid rain hearing, Acidification and nitrogen oxides, Acid rain films, Youth NGO speech

No. 2, 1983

In this issue: Things are moving forward, Acid rain hearing, Major manifestation against acid rain and tree death in West Germany, Energy use on sulphur emissions and depositions in Europe, Controlling the emission of Sulphur compounds in the UK, Acid rain in the Swiss Alps, US acid rain research

No. 1, 1983

In this issue: Time to start again!, The forests are dying, The Stockholm conference, The Acid Rain Caravan


No. 5, 1982

In this issue: Efforts started to solve the acidification problems, By a dying lake in Western Sweden: "So lovely - and so awful!", Science and politics don't mix at acid rain debate

No. 4, 1982

In this issue: Coming... or not?, Swedish TV and radio programmes on acid rain

No. 3, 1982

In this issue: What can NGOs do in the fight against acidificatin?

No. 2, 1982

In this issue: International acidification conference in Stockholm.

No. 1, 1982

In this issue: Acidification secrteriat now established in Stockholm