Acid News 2016

A 1.5 target is needed to save the Baltic Sea, CCS in Norway, Member states weaken NEC targets, EU without an energy strategy to fulfil Paris agreement, Nitrogen on the table, Harmful air pollution, The polluter-pays principle or the polluterprofits principle?

Ecosystems more sensitive than previously thought

Three-quarters of EU ecosystems are currently exposed to more nitrogen deposition than they can cope with and nearly one-tenth is receiving too much acid fallout.

Content: Paris changes everything, Paths to a sustainable agricultural system, Coal kills across borders, A phase-out plan for coal in Europe, New watered-down EU air pollution targets, Many ways to cut ship NOx emissions, OECD warns of rising
costs of air pollution



Content: IMO confirrms 2020 date, End derogations for polluting coal plants, A Europe powered only with renewable energy, Climate target for agriculture, Air pollution costs trillions, Germany's slow decarbonisation, Unique oppurtunity for Ukraine