Acid News 2010

Contents: How to avoid critical levels of climate change. GHGs must peak by 2015. MEPS call for binding energy efficiency target. New analysis of NECs. EU consults on marine fuels. Feature: coal in Europe. Intercontinental transport of air pollutants

Contents: High costs of delaying NEC directive revision (editorial). Big benefits in ship fuel action. Renewables industry –we can power the EU! 1.5° tough, but doable. New emission ceilings for 2020 underway. Agreement on Industrial Emissions.

Contents: Shipping must pay its bill (editorial). Particles killing half a million. Roadmap for 2050 offers low-carbon Europe for free. Ozone, plants and climate - views and news. The poor legacy of Copenhagen. NOx sources in the UK: the story behind the figures. Go slower to go greener

Contents: The right to clean air (Editorial) Cutting NOx emissions - the Norwegian way. Renewables can power the world. Success and failures in pollution abatement. Billion dollar benefits from new air standards. Supergrid paves the way for windpower. GHG reductions will bring health benefits.