Acid news 2009

Contents: Copenhagen checklist (editorial). The world at +4oC. Dirty dozen - the most polluting power plants. Countries lagging behind – NEC directive follow-up. Boreal forests in peril. Tar sand – destructive developments. Warming speeds up. Make ships pay for their emissions.

Contents: Bring them in (editorial). Most rich Kyoto countries off track. Island states call for action. Air quality exemptions questioned. Cleaner ship fuels may save 45,000 lives. Shipping climate policy drifting. Industrial emissions legislation watered down. Still high ozone levels. Pollution treaty to be revised.
Factsheet: High noon for +2ºC.

Contents: Europe needs Emission Control Areas (editorial). Cleaner ship fuels to save lives. Ships pollute half as much as world's cars. Cut CO2 emissions from ships. GHG emissions increasing. Particles - small but dangerous. New industrial emissions directive under way. Dirty thirty list. Air quality compliance postponed. CO2 emissions from cars.

Contents: Enforcement is the key (Editorial). 16 states exceed emisson limits. Petrol vapour recovery to become mandatory. Strong – and weak, The EU climate package. One per cent will do. Ecosystems under threat. The top-ten list of European polluters. Ocean acidification – the other CO2 problem. Stricter EU standards.